Student Ministries


Wednesday Nights @ 6:30pm: 
Games, Music, and Real Life Study with Pastor Jen.
McFellowship @ 7:30pm

Sunday Nights @ 5pm:
Sunday Bible Study with Pastor Jen


Sunday School @ 9:30am:

Middle School
Classroom 13
Teachers: Ty & Brooke George

Sr. High
Classroom 14
Teacher:  Rev. Jen Willard & Jared Tompkins

Teacher:  Bryan Willard & Lindsey Turbeville


 Fusion Youth Calendar:

5th Quarter Fellowship @ Starbucks (7129 JFK Blvd, NLR) @ 9:30pm

Oct. 18th

Oct. 25th

Teen Fundraiser - Dinner & Dessert Auction

Sunday, October 27th, @ 6pm

All-Nighter at BRCN 

Nov. 1st


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